Expeditionary & Emergency Wastewater Recycling System (EWRS)

The Expeditionary & Emergency Wastewater Recycling System (EWRS) is Apptech’s smallest and most compact Mobile INCEPTOR system. The EWRS system was developed to provide a mobile, robust and dependable wastewater treatment solution for Forward Operating Bases for all branches of the US Department of Defense. These systems also have application for disaster and humanitarian relief efforts as well as for temporary applications such as man camps for the energy and mining industries.

The EWRS was designed to directly integrate into the US Army Force Provider’s 150 Man Subset by connecting to the existing expeditionary latrine Tricon units. The EWRS system was field tested at the US Army Force Provider’s Base Camp Integration Lab at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. The system was tested and evaluated by the US Army Public Health Command (USAPHC) which issued a positive report in November 2013. The EWRS is a mobile packaged wastewater treatment system housed in a Tricon container (6.7’x’8’x8’) capable of treating an average daily flow of 1500 Gallons Per Day (GPD) of blackwater (latrine) or 3,500 Gallons Per Day (GPD) of greywater (latrine plus shower/laundry) with the capability of treating peak flows of twice those volumes (based upon a Safety Factor of 2.0).  The EWRS is designed for an influent 1250 mg/l BOD and 1000 mg/l TSS concentration and will produce an effluent BOD and TSS concentration of 30 mg/l or less respectively. The USAPHC report details that the system performed exceptionally well receiving influent with wastewater characteristics significantly greater than the design values and treating to effluent limits significantly below the design values. The system is designed for minimal manual maintenance and operation while the effluent quality is sufficient for reuse purposes such as re-flush, dust control or heavy equipment wash down water.

As a standalone treatment system, the EWRS equipment package includes the following:

  • All plastic compartmentalized biological reactor vessel (foam insulated)
  • Primary Clarification
  • MBBR Bioreactor
  • Membrane Effluent Filtration
  • UV Disinfection
  • Chlorine Disinfection
  • Electric Control Panel with integrated PLC and HMI touchscreen
  • Instrumentation including pressure transducers, ORP, pH, and Temperature
  • On board emersion heaters
  • 50-foot Power Cord with military style electrical connectors
  • Membrane Chemical Cleaning System (solution tank and chemical pump)
  • Linear Air Pump air supply systems
  • On-Board 24-hour Battery Backup electric supply system
  • 3000 gallon Effluent Storage Bladder
  • Assorted 2-inch flexible hoses, valves, and cam lock connectors
  • ¾-inch Non-Potable Water Hose (for connection to Latrine NPW system)
  • Critical Spare Parts
  • Operationally tested and certified prior to shipment
  • Complemented by an advanced remote monitoring and controls package—-access to information and system status at your fingertips


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