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2.5K INCEPTOR - standard ISO brew with control panel
Representative 2.5K GPD INCEPTOR
Devil's Backbone Inceptor ISO

We have a solution for craft beverages of every size and capacity!

If a craft brewer is connected to a public sewer, municipal wastewater treatment plants may not have the capacity to treat high strength brewery waste. Breweries may also be located in remote areas that lack a public wastewater treatment plant, leaving them with limited options on how to deal with their waste. Apptech's INCEPTOR allows for breweries to treat their own wastewater on-site with the added benefit of scalability such that the brewer can comply with local pretreatment regulations. Our SRTP based Mobile INCEPTOR is inherently resistant to corrosion and pH fluctuations, giving our systems an approximate service life of greater than fifty years, surpassing the service life of similar concrete, steel, or fiberglass systems by about three to one. In addition, the Mobile INCEPTOR represents a modular plug and play treatment capability that is extremely easy to implement--- meaning no expensive engineering or complex operations.

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Representative Brewery Projects

Project: Devil's Backbone Brewery Wastewater Treatment

Project: Blue Mountain Barrel House Brewery Wastewater Treatment



We provide engineered wastewater treatment solutions specific to the Craft Beverage industry
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