Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications

Apptech Solutions can provide water and wastewater treatment systems design, equipment packages, prefabricated treatment buildings, pumping stations and fire suppression units in many different types of applications and markets. Specialized Systems have been designed and built for Military, Mining, Emergency Relief, Mobile, Breweries and more. Custom Solutions are always an option with similar benefits versus a concrete, steel or fiberglass system.



Commercialcommercial building

  • Money saving installation and low maintenance costs
  • Estimated 100-year service life
  • Application types include assisted living, hotels and motels, marinas, medical, office parks, recreational facilities, resorts, restaurants, service stations, and shopping centers
  • Representative Project:  Project: Locust Grove Commercial Area Wastewater Treatment



  • Our wastewater treatment and storage tank products can be utilized for livestock yards, dairies, poultry farms, hog farms, feedlots, and other forms of agriculture
  • Help farmers and agribusiness comply with local, state, and federal environmental and food handling regulations
  • Representative Project:  Project: Alleghany Highlands Agricultural Center



  • Custom designed conveyance and treatment systems include advanced control systems
  • Designed for the needs of small towns, rural utility districts, and public service authorities
  • Fabricated from Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP) providing a service life of up to 100 years



  • Benefit Rural and remote facilities such as schools, universities, prisons, embassies, consulates, and research stations
  • Simple installation and extended service life
  • Each system is custom engineered to meet the specific needs of the institution
  • Representative Project:  Project: Ridgeview High School Wastewater Treatment




  • Direct burial capability allows installation in high traffic, rugged, and constrained sites
  • Serve the following sectors: agribusiness, automotive, beverage, chemical processing, corporate facilities, food processing, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical & nutraceutical, plastic, pulp & paper, textiles and more
  • Representative Project:  Project: Seneca Park Industrial Master Sewage Pump Station


2014-03-04_17-34-16_958Utility Systems

  • Manufactured from SRTP materials, our pump stations can withstand the most aggressive water and wastewater environments
  • Wet well vessel service life equaling or exceeding 100 years
  • Advanced systems are an investment in sustainable development
  • Representative Project:  Project: Bossevain Trailhead Pump Station


36438337_sBreweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

  • Applications consist of onsite wastewater treatment plants designed to meet effluent requirements
  • Each system is created respectively to the typical high strength wastewaters common to the industry
  • Utilize advanced monitoring and control systems to provide autonomous operation
  • Representative Project:  Project: Blue Mountain Barrel House Brewery Wastewater Treatment



Emergency Response

  • Emergency Relief utilization includes water and wastewater storage and treatment that is completely self-contained
  • Systems are designed to be fully operational upon arrival and are created with ease of transportation in mind
  • Integrated Emergency Response infrastructure kits which can be modified to accommodate others as needed
  • Representative Project:  Project: Point Thomson Mobile Mancamp Wastewater Treatment


Tricon Expeditionary Wastewater Recycling System

Military & Man Camps

  • Mobile systems are versatile and fabricated to meet various needs, such as equipment and monitoring rooms, lab space, advanced water and wastewater treatment, potable water or wastewater storage
  • Perfect for Man Camps and Forward Operating Bases relative to rapid commissioning and decommissioning
  • Integrated thermal insulation packages provide stable operations from -50 F to 120 F
  • Representative Project:  Project: US Military Expeditionary Wastewater Recycling System



  • Ultimate flexibility and customization for all water and wastewater conveyance and treatment solutions
  • Both buried and mobile systems are protected from severe climatological events, terrorism and vandalism
  • SRTP eliminates long-term concerns associated with tank maintenance as is typical of other packaged systems utilizing steel, concrete, or fiberglass vessels

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