VERSACON Modular Equipment Solutions


The VERSACON system reflects Apptech Solution’s “Total Package” option, whereby engineers, contractors, and customers can benefit from a durable and robust factory assembled modular equipment solutions. VERSACON is custom engineered to suit each specific project application and reflects intelligent programming and final design concepts that ensure the highest level of functionality at the lowest overall cost. VERSACON applications include water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems, testing and monitoring spaces, and customized equipment configurations.

When equipped as a stand-alone testing space, Apptech Solutions will provide a detailed IBC code analysis suitable for local building code review and permitting. The use of 3D modeling allows for rapid evaluation of multiple options such that the engineer and or customer can readily understand the proposed system configuration and functionality. The VERSACON system can be deployed using standard 6.5’, 10’, 20’, 40, 45’, and 53’ ISO Shipping Containers as a single unit or deployed using multiple modular units in a completely integrated configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular monitoring and testing spaces
  • Equipment rooms custom engineered to suit
  • Engineered electrical systems, and fluid & plumbing systems
  • Standard ISO shipping containers permit easy transport
  • Mobile delivery system reduces overall installation cost
  • Standard ISO shipping containers provide project specific flexibility in design
  • Designed for 330 PSF roof live load & 130 MPH wind rating
  • International Building Code compliant
  • Air conditioned and insulated spaces (HVAC customizable)
  • Custom engineered control packages
  • Local main control panels include HMI touch screen display 
  • LEED credits attainable
  • Cargo Containers serve as reused materials reducing demand on virgin materials


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