IRMT Reactor Vessel for selenium removal

Integrated Reductive Metals Treatment (IRMT) System


The Integrated Reductive Metals Treatment (IRMT) system is the solution for the reduction to regulatory limits of selenium as well as other problematic metals such as aluminum, cadmium, zinc, arsenic, mercury, tin, lead, cobalt, antimony, copper, chromium (VI), nickel, thallium, and molybdenum.  Given the complexity of most water chemistries, bench scale testing and small scale field pilot studies should be considered to ensure that a viable IRMT system can be designed for the site-specific application.   Optimization of system operating parameters is important because field experience indicates that variables associated with flow, pH, TDS, organics, DO, and biologicals can have significant effects on the overall efficacy of the reductive process. Therefore, site-system designs typically require the optimization of our multi-unit process for each site and waste stream.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular Design permits the ability to treat a wide range of flows and chemical composition with an extremely small physical footprint
  • Modular Design reduces site integration, system deployment, and permanent facility construction costs
  • Modular Design enhances the ability to decommission and relocate the system for use in other locations
  • The system utilizes internal plastic tankage which ensures an equipment life cycle in excess of 25 years
  • IRMT process works to reduce or remove a variety of metals such as Se, Zn, As, Mo, Mn, Mg, Cu, Co, etc
  • Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Processes ensure reliable effluent quality and regulatory compliance
  • Reactor media technology is simple and disposal of spent media complies with TCLP standards which allow for inexpensive disposal
  • The system is designed to run automatically (feedback control capabilities) and is self-monitoring thereby reducing manual labor costs
  • PLC based control program allows for remote monitoring and manufacturer specific process support
  • IRMT process overcomes various limitations associated with a bioreactor and constructed wetland technologies as a stand-alone system. The IRMT can be implemented as a polishing process to existing bioreactor/constructed wetland technologies
  • IRMT system designed for a range of remedial applications including mining facilities, coal washing systems, coal-based energy production waste streams, and coal ash landfill leachate treatment needs

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