Mobile INCEPTOR® Wastewater Treatment Systems

Mobile Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

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MOBILE INCEPTOR® wastewater treatment systems are the mobile equivalent of Apptech’s INCEPTOR® wastewater treatment systems that are ideal for mining, commercial, military, humanitarian and short term wastewater applications. In addition, to a full line of standard systems, Apptech can custom engineer and manufacture a system to match specific project requirements reflective of distinct influent wastewater strengths, effluent discharge limits, and unique regulatory requirements.

The MOBLE INCEPTOR® is the integration of a Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP) material based wastewater treatment system fabricated within a standard ISO shipping container. The SRTP treatment system provides all of the superior attributes associated with the INCEPTOR system while the cargo container provides the protective shell necessary for mobile and above ground applications. The annular space between the SRTP treatment system and the container is insulated for thermal and support purposes. Equipment rooms can also be constructed complete with air conditioning, all blowers, pumps, disinfection, chemical treatment, controls, power, ventilation, etc. The unit is operationally tested and certified prior to shipment and is ready for immediate startup. All that is required of the contractor is a stone pad foundation, power to the unit, and inlet and outlet yard piping connections. Biological treatment designs are infinitely flexible and utilize proven treatment processes.  Treatment capacities range from 1,500 to 150,000 gallons per day. The MOBILE INCEPTOR system can be deployed using standard 6.5’, 10’, 20’, 40, 45’, and 53’ ISO Shipping Containers as a single unit or deployed using multiple modular units in a completely integrated configuration.


Features & Benefits

  • Combination of spirally wound structural reinforcing and pressure rated high-density polyethylene resin results in an extraordinarily strong and durable material (SRTP)
  • SRTP is resistant to corrosive gasses, fluctuations in pH, and has a long and durable service life (100 years +)
  • Can be delivered in single container solutions or modular sections; modular approach permits construction of very large treatment systems
  • Variety of biological treatment processes available (AS, EA, MBBR, MBR, etc.)---customized to each unique application
  • Available from 1.5K GPD to 150K GPD
  • Chemical treatment, nutrient removal, and tertiary treatment design available
  • Equipment rooms custom engineered to suit
  • Engineered electrical and control systems, and fluid & plumbing systems
  • Standard ISO shipping containers permit easy transport and a mobile delivery system reduces overall installation cost and time
  • Standard ISO shipping containers provide project specific flexibility in design
  • Air conditioned and insulated spaces
  • Each system is operationally tested and certified prior to shipment
  • All systems can be complemented by an advanced remote monitoring and controls package----access to information and system status at your fingertips

We also offer a standard INCEPTOR system.

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