CUSTOM Engineered Systems



Apptech Solutions' custom engineered systems are virtually unlimited in design and function.  By providing 3D modeling and design skills complimented with skilled metal and plastic fabrication, Apptech can readily service a variety of needs.   Our electrical, electronic, and pipe fitting specialists can produce an exceptional solution that others may consider beyond the scope of conventional technologies and capabilities.  Examples of custom engineered systems include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Custom SRTP Vessel Design and Fabrication

  • Geothermal Vaults

  • Custom Equipment Skids

    • Aeration/blower assemblies
    • Liquid pumping skids
    • Chemical feed skids
    • pH adjustment skids (including HDPE or PP tankage)
    • Integrated equipment skids combing aeration, fluid pumping, chemical feeds, and control systems
  • Headworks Systems

    • Comminutor assemblies with manual or automatic screens
    • Vortex Grit Removal Systems
    • Grit Channels
    • Flow Splitter boxes
    • Large diameter flow splitter piping systems (made from HDPE)
  • Tertiary Treatment Systems

  • UV Disinfection Troughs

  • Biogas and Landfill Gas Scrubber Systems

  • Containerized Equipment Systems

    • Sludge dewatering and bagging systems
    • Plate Press systems
    • Hardened equipment shelters (for climatic and vandalism protection)


Note:  We commonly are asked if we can design and manufacture Emergency/Tornado/Bug-Out shelters.  We can service this need and ask that you give us a call in person or schedule a phone appointment where we can evaluate your shelter needs, climatic concerns, and site-specific installation requirements.  Given the sensitivity surrounding safety shelters, we typically enter into a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that provides information protection for both parties.  Our shelters can be as basic or as complex as desired and can reflect all of the conveniences of a modern home, but reflect the sustainability of a low maintenance energy efficient off-the-grid life style.

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