CENTURY Pump Stations

Centry Pump Station ISO

CENTURY pump stations are packaged lift stations designed to meet the needs of public and private sector entities who pump wastewater or clean water for purposes such as wastewater transfer, water conveyance, and irrigation. In addition to a full line of standardized vertical and horizontal designs, CENTURY pump stations are customized to fit project-specific requirements.

The CENTURY pump station is manufactured from a structurally reinforced thermoplastic (SRTP) material never before utilized in the manufacturing of large pump stations. The SRTP material permits the fabrication of lightweight, but rugged pump station wet wells combining the strength of spirally wound structural profiles with the durability and non-corrosive attributes of pressure rated high-density polyethylene. CENTURY units are manufactured in a controlled fabrication facility and delivered as fully packaged units ready for immediate installation requiring no internal work by the contractor. 

Features and Benefits

  • SRTP has a long and durable service life (100 years+)
  • SRTP is resistant to corrosive gasses and fluctuations in pH
  • No interior lining or exterior waterproofing required
  • No internal work required of contractor
  • Vertical and horizontal systems designed to match system requirements
  • Integral equipment room options available for horizontal applications
  • Built in anti-floatation collar
  • Up to 132” diameter vessels available with up to 55-foot installation depths
  • Includes UL Listed pump control panel
  • Transducer controlled with automatic 4-float backup control
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • LEED credits attainable
  • SRTP material has a substantially lessened carbon footprint compared to concrete and steel system materials based upon a 100-year life cycle utilization
  • HDPE encapsulated structurally reinforced concrete base is ACI 351.3R-04 compliant for foundations for dynamic equipment and the dynamic loads imposed by large horsepower pumps


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