AQUAVOLVE® Booster Station

Aquavolve® Booster Station


The Aquavolve® Booster Station represents the next generation of customizable packaged booster stations that are frequently utilized in potable water and process water distribution systems.  Common packaged booster stations on the market typically utilize fiberglass, painted steel, and/or concrete for the structural vault, with each having their distinct limitations.  Apptech Solutions overcomes these aforementioned limitations by implementing the use Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP) in the design and fabrication of each of our booster station structural vaults; this functionality allows us to deliver a customized station that combines the best material properties of fiberglass (lightweight), steel (infinitely customizable), and concrete (structurally robust) into a single, less costly, vault system.  Beyond the vault system, our engineering team can assess specific project requirements and integrate a final booster station equipment package as required by the engineer or end-user.  We will not hesitate to implement your specific equipment needs into our package or we can provide specific recommendations relative to booster equipment and controls selection.

Our stations can be as small as 6’ diameter or as large as 13.2’ in diameter, making them an excellent choice for direct burial in areas where above ground applications may present long-term maintenance challenges relative to safety, vandalism, theft, or meteorological concerns (extreme heat or extended periods of below freezing weather).

The Aquavolve® Booster Station can be designed and delivered in two distinct configurations:  a vertical cylinder vault allows for direct burial in flat terrain, much like common concrete manholes while  a horizontal cylinder vault allows for installation in sloping terrain such as roadside embankments or hillsides, which allow for a conventional walk-in pedestrian door; this arrangement facilitates easy ingress and egress for system inspection and service.


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