AQUAVOLVE® Potable Water Systems

Potable Water Systems

Aquavolve® Decentralized Water System
AQUAVOLVE® Storage and Treatment System

AQUAVOLVE® potable water systems are packaged potable water treatment, storage, and distribution systems specifically developed to serve decentralized water needs. By combining the superlative material properties of Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP) vessels with integral equipment and control rooms, Apptech Solutions has created the world’s first large capacity fully integrated plastic water treatment system.

Systems are designed to meet specific requirements, including Bulk Water Storage up to 250,000 gallons, Chemical Disinfection (sodium hypochlorite or equivalent), Chemical Treatment (pH buffer or mineral sequestration), Water Filtration (media filtration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and nano-filtration), and Pressurization (packaged booster pump stations with integrated hydropneumatic vessels). Integral equipment rooms joined to the raw or finished water storage vessels result in a complete packaged treatment and storage solution. A complete package system requires minimal site piping, yard electrical, and eliminates the need for independent buildings. This results in less expensive total installed costs and expedited completion schedules. AQUAVOLVE® packages utilize components that strictly adhere to NSF® Standard 61, which results in a system fully suitable for potable water system application.

Features & Benefits

  • Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic (SRTP) vessel is incredibly rugged and supports significant external earth pressures (Up to 132' diameter vessels)
  • SRTP has a long and durable service life (100 years +)
  • Buried application protects system from vandalism, theft, extreme climatic conditions and natural disasters
  • Lightweight vessel promotes easy on-site installation even in remote locations
  • Customized system designs and configurations (Bulk storage up to 250,000 gallons)
  • Optional integral equipment/control room eliminates the need for accessory building
  • Project-specific control systems with remote monitoring/operational capability
  • Plastic materials, fittings, and systems comply with current ANSI, ASTM, AWWA, and NSF Regulations
  • Containerized Mobile System Designs Available
  • LEED credits attainable

We also offer an AQUAVOLVE Booster Station- Read more here.


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