Ancillary Products

Deadman Anchoring System


The Deadman Anchoring System employs the use of galvanized steel straps, turnbuckles, anchors and galvanized steel deadman units. An additional feature of our deadman units is that their geometry and dimensions allow them to be placed on the same shipping trailer as the vessel. Due to the low profile of the steel deadman, they easily fit in spaces on the both sides of the trailer below the circular pipe. For installers, this means that the components of the anchoring system arrive with the vessel, avoiding the potential for job site delays and also reducing the shipping and overall project costs. Combined, our galvanized steel hold-down straps, galvanized turnbuckles and prefabricated galvanized steel deadmen units provide a complete anchoring package suitable for any vessel material type but especially thermoplastic vessels.

Hold-down Straps


Anti-bouyancy System

The galvanized steel strap assembly is custom designed to utilize thin gauge galvanized metal coil (used to make corrugated metal pipe) as the strap material making use of its inherent low profile and lightweight but yet incredibly strong attributes. The galvanized steel plates with bolts at the ends of the coil are designed to facilitate the connections of the turnbuckles without shearing of the thinner metal coil strap material. The coil provides the bridging necessary to span multiple ribs in SRPE pipe and also a flat surface on other thermoplastic pipes such that no shearing (cutting into) the pipe occurs as would happen if steel rope were used.

Control Panels


Control Panel Collage

Apptech Solutions can provide any level of controls package as may be desired.  From simple pump stations using standard relay logic to sophisticated programmable logic controllers (PLC) with human machine interfaces (HMI), we can supply a complete solution to suit every need.  control enclosures all reflect NEMA rating specific to the needed application and we can accommodate a number of different PLC platforms such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, and others.  Control packages can utilize standardized off-the-shelf functionality to keep first costs to a minimum or we can provide a customize programmable PLC to control complex process of operations.  We also promote and encourage customers to utilize our remote monitoring support system where Apptech Solutions can provide continuous remote monitoring and operations for the systems we manufacture and deliver—-this service can drastically reduce the concern and fear for most owners who do not have sufficient internal skilled resources necessary to operate complex treatment systems.  Provide peace of mind with our remote capabilities is a value added service many customers enjoy when they purchase an Apptech Solutions system.

Skid Systems


Skid System Collage


Apptech fabricates skid-mounted equipment packages to be shipped  along with any treatment plant for easy installation into an equipment building or room. The plug-and-play nature of skid-mounted systems further simplifies installation, meaning that site work is limited to yard piping, electrical service connections, and minimal wiring. Systems that can be included in a skidded package are control & electrical panels, Permeate Pumping, Filtration, UV Disinfection, Flow metering, Aeration Blowers, Chemical feed and storage, Sludge dewatering, Biogas processing, and any other systems that may be required. The ultimate skidded system, our Versacon equipment building, is a prefabricated solution that requires only a level surface, connections to the treatment plant, and electrical service.

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