CENTURY HDPE Pump Stations

Paradigm Infrastructure Shift to HDPE Pump Stations

Traditionally concrete has been the material of choice for larger municipal pump stations. Alternatively, epoxy coated steel and fiberglass stations have also been occasionally used. However, America’s aging infrastructure and the enormous associated cost of maintenance and eventual replacement of these conventional stations have forced all stakeholders to look for new innovative and sustainable solutions.

It is a well documented fact that Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is the primary cause of conventional pump station wetwell corrosion and ultimate deterioration.  H2S aggressively attacks exposed concrete and steel with corrosion rates as much as 0.01 to 0.25 in. per year of lost thickness thus resulting in a realistic life expectancy of 30 years or less. In order to combat this natural reaction engineers and system owners have begun a paradigm infrastructure shift to HDPE Pump Stations.  The inherent material characteristics of high density polyethylene (HDPE) make it corrosion resistant and the ideal material for the harsh environment of a pump station.

The shift began in recent years with the inclusion of HDPE liners on the interior face of concrete wetwells. Theoretically this protective coating would protect the concrete, however, the industry has grown to accept that these liners will only have a seven to ten year life cycle themselves and that is only if they are installed perfectly, which is rarely the case. Once the liner is compromised so is the concrete. Recent progress by Apptech Solutions has led to the availability of HDPE based structurally reinforced thermoplastic (SRTP) pump stations. SRTP provides the structural robustness of concrete while providing the natural durability of plastic. As stakeholders evaluate and compare these new SRTP based stations to the conventional concrete stations and less used steel and fiberglass stations, the superiority of SRTP becomes quickly evident on all fronts including cost, durability, ease of installation, environmental impact and availability. However, the most important attributes to note are the facts that SRTP is basically maintenance free and has an unparalleled 100 year life expectancy.

HDPE Pump Stations are undoubtedly the future. Apptech’s innovative and sustainable CENTURY Pump Stations are the solutions stakeholders not only need for tomorrow but have available today.

In order to learn more about Apptech’s innovative CENTURY Pump Stations, please contact us and read the attached technical paper and brochure:

Download CENTURY Pump Station System Brochure

Download Comparison of Wetwell Materials Technical Paper

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