Coalescing Oil Water Separators


Representative 75 GPD Oil Water Separator

15123 300GPM Recyclean OWS ISO (1)

Representative 300 GPD Oil Water Separator

Apptech offers both standard and custom designed coalescing oil water separators to facilitate flows up to 5,000 gpm. Both circular and rectangular systems are available for both above ground and buried applications. The systems SRTP vessel with carbon black UV inhibitor and all-plastic construction make for a long service life and excellent chemical resistance not offered by epoxy-coated steel tanks.  Apptech’s coalescing oil water separators are ideal for applications such as petroleum production facilities, rail yards, airports, vehicle wash, industrial facilities, military installations and environmental remediation.

About Oil Water Separators

Coalescing Oil Water Separators remove small oil, grease and petroleum particles along with settleable solids from industrial, marine, and  commercial wastewater and stormwater. The design meets or exceeds API 421 guidelines.

OWS numbered

1. Inlet and forebay

2. Inclined plate separator

3. Oil trapping baffles

4. Oil coalescing media

5. Optional oil absorption filter

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Plastic construction ensures product longevity
  • Five stage separation maximizes removal efficiency
  • Coalescing media and filters provide guaranteed removal of small droplets
  • Can be housed above or below ground and even in parking lots
  • Compact footprint
  • Flexible deign allows customization
  • More rugged than mass-produced fiberglass designs
  • Standard circular units with flow rates up to 300 gpm
  • Custom circular and rectangular units with flow rates up to 5000 gpm per unit


  • HS-20 rated top
  • Lamella separator
  • 5 micron effluent polishing oil filters
  • Containerization/mobile version
  • Automatic oil skimmer/solids wasting
  • Integral oil/solids storage

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