Versacon prefabricated building

Apptech Offers Aesthetic Architecture for Prefabricated Buildings

No longer do containerized solutions have to be synonymous with a corroding, industrial appearance. A containerized equipment building or packaged wastewater treatment plant can look just as architecturally aesthetic as the buildings around it. Whether the installation is corporate, institutional, governmental, or residential, Apptech can provide an exterior façade that matches adjacent architectural styles.

Apptech has recently completed an prefabricated building for a stormwater treatment equipment (see image above). The exterior is composed of composite siding with a coated metal roof. The interior (see image below) flooring is a chemical resistant EPDM and the walls are covered with water and stain-proof FRP board. Efficient LED lights provide ample lighting. A steel door is provided for access and security.

Apptech can provide a multitude of possible exteriors including brick veneer, corrugated metal, or wood (see example models below). Prefabricated WWTPs, which require topside access, include a flat roof complete with drainage and a customizable parapet that serves to conceal vents and hatches, while providing fall protection for the operator. Clients may also request customized finishes to match their project needs. Apptech can produce more creative exteriors incorporating green (vegetated) walls or solar arrays. Since the exterior finish is a frontage, the additional cost is minimized and the added weight is no more than 200 lbs. per foot of container length. Prefabricated buildings can be shipped complete, with minimal on-site assembly required.

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