Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to make Apptech the industry’s preferred water and wastewater solution provider by delivering outstanding value, sustainable designs, continuous product development and exceptional service by consistently fulfilling our brand promise which simply states, “Applying Today’s Technologies • Innovating Tomorrow’s Solutions”.


Our vision is simple; we will fundamentally transform the water and wastewater fabrication industry, by establishing sophisticated manufacturing facilities around the globe, which will effectively impact the lives of billions of people in a positive way..


We believe our core ethics that will ultimately transform our company’s vision into a reality. We understand that our people and their support of our fundamental beliefs will be the driving force behind our success. Stability, integrity, leadership and accountability, passion and innovation, humility, sustainability, simplicity and achievement are the guiding principles that steer the behaviors and actions daily within the company. We consistently reinforce our canon to ensure that our message to our stakeholders and clients, is consistent.


  • Family is the foundation for each individual’s success in life, so we maintain a healthy balance between work and home-life. Leaning on family, friends, and peers for support is vital to our accomplishments. Everyone must work to live, but we love the work we do because life is too short not to.


  • We require authenticity from ourselves and from others. Our goal is to be honest to, and inspire trust from, our peers through forthrightness. We adhere to the morals and ethics that we find are virtuous. Apptech’s guiding principles lead us to sincerity with our mission and our products.

Leadership and Accountability

  • There are no jobs here at Apptech, only opportunities in waiting. We invariably take personal responsibility for our actions and results. We also take great pride in our unrelenting work ethic. Our focus is on finding solutions and achieving the best results through being courageous and leading by example.

Passion and Innovation

  • We live by our merits and possess a passion to learn and inspire others. Our company promotes an affirmative, energetic, and optimistic work environment. We stimulate and implement innovative ideas and solutions via creativity and open mindedness. Apptech values, promotes, and vehemently preserves our upstanding reputation.


  • Openness and honest feedback are highly valued within our company. We openly welcome organic change and progress. We avoid personal ego by focusing on the company’s best interest, and we never underestimate the capability of our competitors.


  • Apptech actively promotes environmental stewardship to both support and enhance human life. Our concentration is on cutting edge water and wastewater solutions that protect the world’s finite water resources. We endeavor to create, conceptualize, and continuously improve our products to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the Earth’s natural resources and set the industry bar for sustainable development.


  • Our company continuously strives to simplify and improve our internal processes, procedures, and services. We concentrate on holistic teamwork to solve problems, and address all issues directly and with an open mind. Our product are ever evolving because we are continuously seeking improvement.


  • Attracting, promoting, and retaining the best talent available is a prime objective for our company. We foster a superior work environment by appreciating and rewarding our most valued assets, which is our team. Apptech will forge long term client relationships by listening to their thoughts and being responsive. We cultivate and deliver solutions that solve our client’s challenges, and generate sustainable value for them. We feel that success is defined by results, and that quality must come first.

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