Message from the CEO

ceomessageimageIn protecting our planet’s precious water supplies, Apptech Solutions endeavors to substantially improve the quality of life for individuals worldwide, regardless of socioeconomic standing. We will accomplish this feat by establishing new ideas related to water and wastewater treatment and by continually improving the design, manufacturing, installation, and operation of these solutions.

We understand the past and have learned from history as it relates to the importance of practicing water conservation. We know that neglecting the environment and taking water for granted eventually leads to hardships with potentially dire consequences. By learning from history related to the expansion of modern civil infrastructure, we fully recognize the capabilities and limitations of current water treatment technologies.

But, we also know that recent technological innovations in engineering, material science, manufacturing, and computer controls establish an opportunity to entirely change how water is utilized in our daily lives, be it through advances in potable water treatment or through wastewater reuse and reclamation.

Our long term vision is to create an automated manufacturing industry where one does not currently exist and to use this industry to positively impact the lives of individuals who either need improved water infrastructure systems, or lack access to basic water systems. This envisioned industry will be built upon a core foundation based on advancements in engineering design, materials manufacturing, electronic controls, and internet based communications; it will be a radical departure from current water and wastewater industry capabilities.

This business model will leverage new system designs and automated manufacturing process to substantially reduce manufacturing costs such that Apptech can offer infrastructure solutions much like the consumer electronics and automotive industries do today, meaning that they will be affordable and capable, but more importantly, reliable and sustainable.

Apptech’s vision and mission will be accomplished based upon our collective individual ethics and our focus on the human condition. Our people represent our greatest asset and strength; each one of us share a common ambition of helping each other while we strive to help the world. Our core principles are and will remain care, concern, and respect for each other.

  • We will grow and thrive as a company as we implement our unique ambitions, personal drive, and motivations.
  • We will succeed as we collectively practice discipline and dedication that is further complimented by patience, persistence, and perseverance.
  • Our leadership team will promise to lead by example and will demonstrate our core beliefs in the execution of our business plan on a daily basis, and as leaders they will serve as mentors and counselors with the knowledge that their witness will inspire those under their authority to rally to every challenge.

In closing, we envision a day when Apptech Solutions will be a global company with dozens of manufacturing facilities located around the globe, servicing the water resource needs of the planet. We fundamentally believe that by espousing sound values in the dedication of our daily pursuits, and by always looking forward in the advancing of our technologies and industry that we have the rare and awesome potential to positively transform the lives of peoples on a local and global scale.


Daniel M Early

Chief Executive Officer


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