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Apptech Solutions is committed to providing you, our customer, not only an exceptional product but also exceptional service. By partnering with Apptech Solutions, you will be served by a dedicated team of knowledgeable experts to assist you with the specific requirements of your project. Our team will work diligently to ensure  you receive the highest quality, cost effective product and solution.

We are focused on developing products that are considered to be the water and wastewater industry standards for performance and longevity. Tanks constructed of structurally reinforced thermoplastic (SRTP) are superior to concrete, steel and fiberglass tanks for a myriad of reasons including durability, weight, life expectancy, corrosive resistance, water tightness, and ease of installation and maintenance. SRTP tanks are undoubtedly the superior choice.

Apptech Solutions also recognizes  our responsibility to protect and conserve our most precious commodity, water, by being a good steward of the environment. The sustainability of our products employs green building solutions and accomplishes this most important objective.

The Apptech Solutions team works diligently with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity in solving your water and wastewater treatment challenge.


By The Numbers (as of April 2015):

Total Staff (full and part-time employees):31
Licensed Professional Engineers:7
Engineers in Training:2
Engineering Technicians:3
Administrative Staff:2
Manufacturing Staff:10
Field Engineering Consultants:5
Inside Sales Staff:2
Patents Issued:4
Patents in Application:8

Sectors served:
Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Institutional, Mining & Energy, Military, Humanitarian initiatives

Systems deployed in these locations:
Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Michigan, North Dakota, Montana, California, Alaska, and Kentucky.

Alaska Water Sewer ChallengeAlaska Water Challenge
Approximately 75 percent of homes in small rural villages in Alaska are now served with running water and sewage systems. However, over 4,500 homes still lack services, and there is a $300 million shortfall to bring traditional piped water and sewer services to those homes.  The Alaska Water and Sewer Challenge is an innovative research and development effort to find better and more affordable methods to deliver safe drinking water and sewage disposal services to rural Alaska, using decentralized water and sewer technology. Apptech Solutions partnered with Lifewater Engineering to deliver a winning solutions using Versacon.

Visit the Challenge Site


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