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Versacon prefabricated building

Apptech Offers Aesthetic Architecture for Prefabricated Buildings

No longer do containerized solutions have to be synonymous with a corroding, industrial appearance. A containerized equipment building or packaged wastewater treatment plant can look just as architecturally aesthetic as the buildings around it. Whether the installation […]

Switching to Mercury free Float Switches

Apptech, like many in the wastewater industry, has been using mercury float switches for years; they are simple, reliable, and safe when in regular use. However, mercury switches are one of the primary products contributing to environmental mercury […]

CENTURY HDPE Pump Stations

Paradigm Infrastructure Shift to HDPE Pump Stations

Traditionally concrete has been the material of choice for larger municipal pump stations. Alternatively, epoxy coated steel and fiberglass stations have also been occasionally used. However, America’s aging infrastructure and the enormous associated cost of maintenance […]

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