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CENTURY Municipal Series Pump Station Installed in Ocala, Florida

This month, Apptech Solutions delivered a six foot diameter, 15 foot deep CENTURY municipal series pump station to the Ford dealership in Ocala, Florida. Sewage pump stations automatically transport sewage to mains and wastewater treatment facilities […]

structurally reinforced thermoplastic lift station

The Durability of Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic Wastewater Infrastructure

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, can cause irreparable damage to wastewater infrastructure. These disasters can place tremendous amounts of stress on pipelines and similar systems, instigating significant breakage and leakage. Several materials, including concrete, steel, […]

Low Flow High Strength - Advanced Treatment MBR INCEPTOR

Small Flow High Strength – Advanced Wastewater Treatment

If not pretreated, restaurant wastewater can overwhelm a septic tank and clog a drain field  (according to the National Environmental Services Center) due to the high concentrations of nutrients present. This is precisely what happened at […]

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